Online SMS marketing

Each day, all over the world, billions of text messages are sent and received. What was once a simple means of communication has become an important marketing tool utilised by some of the world’s largest organisations. It is fast and effective and enables marketers to deliver a marketing message to a wide consumer base with minimal expense.

With so many people carrying mobile phones – 70% of the world’s population according to recent research – SMS marketing can be a highly effective way to target those who may be interested in your product.

SMS marketing is most successful when an organisation has a pre-existing relationship with the customer and as such has access to their telephone number. It is important to request permission prior to sending marketing messages via text. Nothing will annoy your customers more than being sent unsolicited text messages, particularly when a service provider then charges them for the privilege.

Many agencies provide <a href=”“>online SMS marketing</a> services, enabling clients to send text messages fast, securely and reliably to multiple mobile numbers via a browser based platform.

Advantages of SMS marketing

There are several advantages to SMS marketing. Firstly, it is cost effective way to reach many individuals at the same time. Secondly, a text message is a personal way to reach customers who are already aware of your brand. SMS messages also enable marketers to communicate with customers in real time, at any time of the day since most individuals keep their phones with them, no matter where they are. A retail outlet, for example, could alert its customers to a sale or other special promotion starting the next day.

SMS marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes, from new product announcements to store openings and other special events. It can also be used to alert customers that items are back in stock and to remind customers of appointments. Subscribers can be given special offers and information that only they have access to.


The method does have some limitations. Messages have to contain fewer than 160 characters, which can make it hard to compose a complete marketing message, and expanding on a text message by sending multiple messages may be perceived as invasive and pushy. There are also laws in the UK, to prevent spam advertisements and emails and text messages sent to wireless devices are regulated under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

But SMS text messaging is still a very effective marketing tool that can reach a large number of customers. A text message is cheaper than a phone call and, unlike an email, will not be mistaken for spam or be deleted, without being read.

It is also the easiest way to reach customers, wherever they happen to be – on the way to work, stuck in traffic or in the bar on a Saturday night.

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