Burger some common myths surrounding office chairs

Office chairs come in a huge range of styles, sizes and shapes but there are some myths surrounding them that can mean that the wrong sort is chosen. Here are a few suggestions and how to avoid some of the common myths when choosing office chairs.

Cheap chairs will do just as well. They are cheap for a reason which could be that they have been manufactured from poor quality components, the design may not support the spine or the design may not allow for any adjustment. For anyone who is to spend  most of their working day seated in an office chair, it must be adjustable and have lumbar support or they will be uncomfortable, suffer from muscle strain and could require time off work due to injury.

It needs to be a big chair. Not so, a big chair is only good if it fits the person seated in it. For instance, if the seat is too long for the thighs of the person, they will never be able to sit in a good posture or comfortably.

Fixed arms are just as good as adjustable. Again this is not the case. It is possible that the fixed arms will be set at the correct level but often they are not. Being able to set the arms to the correct position can help to reduce RSI so it is actually an important factor when choosing an office chair.

A big lumbar support is essential. Lumbar support needs to be viewed with care and the chair chosen for the individual. It needs to be just right so that the person can sit with good posture and have their spine supported when seated. If the support is too big, it can cause discomfort due to the person not being able to adopt a comfortable posture.

It must be an ergonomic chair. Often a manufacturer will describe their chairs as being ergonomic  but if you asked 6 people what an ergonomic chair is, you would get 6 different answers so it is a good idea just to choose a chair on its individual merits regardless of what the label says.

You must have a high back. It really does  not matter what height the back is providing the lumbar region of your spine is properly supported. Being able to adjust the chair so that the angle of the back is in the correct position is more important than the height of the back.

A fixed back is just as good as an adjustable one. Actually, an adjustable back is crucial so that the height and angle can be set to the right position for good posture and comfort. A fixed back chair may not be comfortable when you have to sit in it in a fixed position for 6 or 7 hours a day.

Only leather chairs are business-like. Whilst leather chairs can be the ultimate choice for office chairs unless they are manufactured from best quality hide, they can be a bit of a disaster. For one thing, poor quality leather can be hard and brittle. This in turn can make the leather shiny and slippery with wear.

For anyone who has to sit at a desk for their job, it is so important that they have a suitable chair that is comfortable and offers support. Thousands of people have to take sick days due to back problems and strain injuries so providing a well designed chair that can be adjusted to a good position for the individual will help to reduce incidences of such health issues and so reduce sick days.

Burgess Germany supply tables and chairs to hotels and conference centres throughout Germany and hope that this short article will be helpful to anyone thinking of purchasing an office chair.

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